What W. Somerset Maugham meant by 'comfort' does not lie in air-conditioned rooms or deluxe suites; it is found in an ambience that allows the soul to luxuriate in the bliss of nature. Located at a stone throw distance from the heart of the city, The Creek Club offers you the site where you can tear yourself away from the bedlam of the concrete jungle. It is a locale that takes you to a utopia where noise is unknown. The lush green exotic landscapes will soothe your eyes and the merry chirp of the birds will be a welcome relief for your ears that are accustomed to the honking of cars. The lapping sound of the ripples will tug at the strings of your heart.

Rs. 200/person for 1 hour + Own swimming costume

Paddle Boat: Rs. 400 for 4 persons for 1 hour

Speed Boat: Rs. 600 for 5 persons for 15 minutes

Jumbo Boat: Rs. 2000 for 20 persons (max) for 15 minutes

Rs. 150/person for 10 minutes

Rs. 1500/person for one hour (catch and release)

Bonfire: Rs. 3000 for set up and firewood

Barbecue: Rs. 3000 for setup | Rs.4000 for set up and 4kgs of marinated chichen

Rs. 1000/hour (12:30p.m. - 1:30p.m.)